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Is Diabetes Curable?

Jul 06, 2011, Answer by DR. RICHARD SCHULZE


Dear Dr. Schulze, I am intrigued by your web site and excited about the possibilities of your "Incurables Program". Having had Type I Diabetes for over a quarter of a century, I have tried countless different diet and lifestyle changes in hopes of curing this disease. While I have been able to decrease the amount of insulin I need to inject each day, a cure has not been my experience. Oftentimes, Type II is curable, but not Type I. Have you had people who have had success with curing their Type I Diabetes with your "Incurables Program"?


Dear Kathy,

My patients healed themselves of both Type II Diabetes, and Type I.

As you said, Type II Diabetes is curable, and I want you to know that EVERY patient I had with Type II Diabetes was able to cure it if they were willing to do the following:

Food Programs: A Vegan Vegetarian Low Glycemic Food Program (Try my Low Glycemic, Low Fat, Low Calorie, High Nutrition, High Fiber and AWESOME TASTING morning drink in the intro of my July Newsletter.)

All processed foods have a high glycemic index, meaning they raise your blood sugar rapidly. Whole grains, vegetables, foods in their natural state, and even most fresh fruit have a low glycemic index. So the more natural and whole the food you eat, the Harder and Slower it is for your body to digest and assimilate and therefore does not raise your blood sugar rapidly. Managing your food program, and reducing body fat along with detoxification and regular exercise was powerful enough to totally eliminate Type ll Diabetes with all of my patients and also most of my patients with Type l Diabetes.

Routine Detoxification: Get your elimination organs cleaned out, toned and healthy!

Daily Exercise and Movement: An hour each day!

Oh yeah, and STOP eating crap: NO sugar and man-made foods!

Anyone can get their blood sugar into the normal range easily in just 30 days on this program. You can even get it into the normal and great range for anyone, even anyone who doesn’t have Type II Diabetes. That’s right, let’s go for the best blood sugar levels of fasting below 110 and after meals below 140… anyone CAN DO IT! Follow ALL the steps in my “20 Steps” book. (Just click on the book cover in the right column, and read it for FREE right here on my BLOG!)

Now, about your Type I Diabetes.

You say that you have done “diet” and “lifestyle” changes and you have been able to decrease the amount of insulin that you inject each day. YES! This is your teaser, the proof, and we just need to take it a few steps further AND turn up the intensity of the program a little!

Making further diet and lifestyle changes will allow you to decrease your insulin even more, and like many of my patients, stop using it altogether.

I have had many people with Type I Diabetes recover from this disease, cure themselves, heal their pancreas and stop using insulin all together, but most of them needed to make more extreme and powerful changes, and what you were thinking, my Incurables Program is just the place to begin. Follow that and also every step in my “20 Steps” book.

Many of my patients, and now hundreds of my customers with Type I Diabetes have been able to cure their disease and STOP taking all insulin by making these powerful lifestyle changes.

We have had many write in, but any of you reading this, please write in your healing stories about healing yourself of Type I and Type II Diabetes and I will publish it right on this BLOG. In fact, any great HEALING MIRACLE I will publish, so send them in. Put in the title, HEALING MIRACLE, so I will be able to sort them out easier.

OK Kathy, you can do this. I have had people with Type I Diabetes longer than you, and sicker than you, totally heal themselves.

So let’s get started!

— Dr. Schulze

— Dr. Schulze